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At speed date auctions we are committed to providing men and women with quick tips and handy advice on dating and relationships that will lead them to become a more auction worthy candidate on the dating scene. 

The bottom line is that outer attractiveness is only one part of the process of making yourself desirable to a potential relationship partner. From fitness models to joe average, many people find it hard to get on the radar of those they are trying to attract. 

This is usually due to simple errors made during dates or the early stages of a relationship that could easily be avoided if given the right advice and strategies to confront these scenarios. 

With a little bit of help from us, we are certain that you’ll be able to lift your game and become the man or woman of somebody’s dream out there on the dating scene. 

Who are we?

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We are Rachel and Lewis and we are great at dating. Not each other. But other people. While Rachel is quite stunning, she initially found it difficult to engage on dates with other men while trying to find her dream partner. Her first impression is always a good one but once the conversation kicks in she used to struggle tremendously. 

What Rachel did to elevate her dating success was study up. She found out the things she should be saying when she should be saying them, and ever since that day any failures encountered on dates have not been her own doing. 

My story is quite different. I have always been a great dater and a great boyfriend and the reason being that I have not been blessed with the great looks of many of my peers. The result is that I knew I’d have to work on the other things I had going for me in order to appeal to members of the opposite sex. I worked hard at it, I put myself out there and I got good at dating, love, and romance. There is a reason why when I walk down the street with my current partner, most people look in disbelief. From an external viewpoint, she is way too good for me. But as I mentioned, beauty is only skin deep and I bring a lot more to the table. 

With our advice, you will too. 

Enjoy the site!