I have confidence

How I Learned That Attractiveness Gets You No Where If You Don’t Have Confidence

Why only attractiveness gets you nowhere

  • Attractiveness is just an Add-on that can help you achieve success fast, but that doesn’t make it the key factor in achieving it.
  • Because attractiveness can land you get the chance to date the perfect guy but it won’t always prove to be helpful in maintaining a long lasting relationship
  • Because attractiveness can help you get a job, but it won’t help you improve your work performance.
  • Because attractiveness won’t make you a better family person.

Importance of confidence 

Confidence is one of the most important pillars for achieving success in life; it helps you in different ways to achieve success in life.

You don’t give a F**k

Men are naturally attracted towards the women who don’t give a fu*k, most of the men take it as a challenge and make them pursue you.

The day you stop giving your attention to negative talks, you achieve success. Confidence makes you self-assured about your capabilities and gives you the stamina to stay disciplined towards your goal.

Most of the people are stuck in life because they care about every opinion, only being confident can help you break that barrier to pursue your dreams.

I have confidence

Know how to deal with any situation

Confidence helps you manage your mood in any situation and it has proven to be a big turn on, we are not living in an age where only men were responsible for the protection of the family. Today, men are searching for women who can deal with any situation and support him in all the phases of life.

You get independent

Developing confidence makes you a better partner because you are not dependent on someone anymore. We see those viral videos of Gold digger women who pursue men with money, and we all usually hate those kinds of women. But nothing is sexier than a woman who is capable of making money for herself. A financially independent woman earns respect and hence attracts more men.

You are not afraid

Confidence give you immense power to stop worrying about the unnecessary things and focus on happier life. Women with confidence are not afraid of making mistakes and they are never embarrassed for their body type, this makes them a beautiful human being. 

Strong body language

Sometime all you need is a perfect body language; your body language is something people will notice unconsciously. Your body language determine your character and it is very crucial to get success in every part of life, whether its relationship, job or parenting, your body language is going to define your influence over others.

I have confidence

Perfect marriage material

Confident women are perfect marriage material, because of the confidence they possess they are eligible to support their partner in every situation, she proves herself an a great mother and she performs well at the office as well.

Finding confident women is a true blessing for every men, your beauty is going to fade away with time but your confidence is going to be there forever.