How to make the most of your blind date

couple enjoying a first date in a cafe

Blind dates can be a nerve-racking experience. In today’s world of internet dating and tinder, it is often rare to date someone without knowing at least a small amount of info about them and having access to photos that show you exactly what they look like. However, blind dates can still happen and when they do it is no less nerve-racking than it used to be. Here are a few blind date tips to make sure your experience goes as well as possible.

Skip a formal dinner

Going to a fancy dinner can put undue pressure on both parties. Try to avoid this scenario by suggesting a date be held at a less formal venue such as a café or pizzeria.

Be yourself but don’t reveal too much

While you should not create a fake persona, a blind first date is not the place to reveal all your secrets and fears. You should display the best version of yourself, one that will make you desirable and attractive to the other party but not one that will reveal too much. That kind of stuff can wait until your second date.

Bring a gift

One great way to break the ice and gain a bit of trust while putting your partner at ease is to bring a small gift. Something like a small soft toy, or a bunch of flowers, or a book is a great way to ease the nerves and gives you a conversation starter.

Don’t stress out over gaps in conversation

It is a natural reaction to try and fill a gap in conversation as soon as it occurs. Often doing so will not add anything of substance to the conversation. It is perfectly fine to have a few gaps in conversation. This is a blind date with a stranger, both parties understand you’ll not be talking constantly for the entire time. Don’t embarrass yourself by rushing to fill the silence with something silly.