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Perfect Holiday Destinations For The Romantic Couple

Most of the people in today’s world are suffering from a monotonous lifestyle and we are so bound to your busy schedule that we don’t get proper time to spend some peaceful time with your partner. Let’s talk about some of the best couple-destinations that will help you plan your next holidays. 

Bali, Indonesia

Looking for a break from a sedentary lifestyle and now in the mood to spend some time within nature then no place can be a better option than Bali. Lovely and peaceful beaches of Bali will take your breath away, and you can calm your body through spending some time in Indonesian traditional massage centers. Additional to natural beauty and great massages are going to bring more peace to you is the low cost of living, because of the low currency value this country will prove to be pocket friendly as well.

Paris, France

A city of love, if you are not interested in spending some time within nature then you should definitely spend some time in the Paris, this city has everything to offer what a romantic couple can demand.

This city is a truly a love capital for modern couples who like to visit good hotels and love shopping, one of the most romantic and breathtaking experience is to have your food at the Eiffel tower

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the favorite holiday destinations for many holidaymakers because of its stunning views, beautiful beaches, and delicious local food. If you are looking to get away from that hectic lifestyle then Greece is a perfect place to visit with your partner.   

romantic couple

Ayia napa, Cyprus

Some people also call it the best party destination of Europe, Cyprus is quite a small country located in the Mediterranean Sea, if you are someone who loves to spend time at beaches and love to booze then this can be a perfect location for you.

Kerala, India

Interested in knowing Indian culture, beautiful temples, and colorful clothes? Then you should surely visit Kerala at least once with your partner.

You will be able to experience the vast variety of culture with beautiful natural scenes, you will be able to spend time in the houseboats that are one of the best tourists attraction in Kerala. Although most of the people never went to India but still most of us love Indian food because of the spices they use, you can’t get better opportunity to taste delicious Indian food

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Ways That We Can Make Sure To Keep Things Fresh And Keep Each Other Happy

Many couples complain about the loss of interest after a few years of dating or marriage, although keeping the relationship alive and fresh isn’t that big deal. You need to practice some rituals on the daily basis to keep the spark of your long relationship alive.

We can make each other happy with the help of ridiculously easy ways, let’s explore them.


One of the most common reason os losing interest in a relationship is lack of communication or partners lack the ability to listen, if your relationship is going through a tough phase then you better concentrate on listening and understanding the expectation of partner.

Love is not about taking, it’s about giving, and you will be able to give only when you are mentally prepared to listen to the expectations of your partner. A study don’t on the men who cheated on their partner stated “most of the men cheated not because of sex but they cheated because of the lack of communication and connection”

Frequent foreplay:

This is the best advice I give to everyone, make daily foreplay a ritual. No matter how tired you are, or how mad you both are on each other, never sleep without foreplay.

This daily foreplay has the power to work wonders in your relationship, have 10-15 minute foreplay like you did when you first met. It will revitalize your sex life and will relieve the daily stress before you sleep.  

we can make each other happy

Give him his personal space:

Another common problem with most of the couples, they lack personal space. It is important for you to understand that personal space is very essential for the healthy relationship. You can’t always glue with your partner all the time spare him some time to spend with his friend at least once or twice a week.

Take a random weekend trip:

Taking time for some random weekend trip is the best thing you can do to restart your sex life, most of the people are suffering from a sedentary lifestyle and daily work stress is ruining your relationship. Commit yourself to have at least one trip every month. I personally prefer to spend 3 days every month

Thank and appreciate:           

When was the last time you appreciated your partner? It’s important to let your partner know that you appreciate their effort and it’s important to let them know on a frequent basis.

Another thing you can do is to leave a note for him about how much you love him and why you feel blessed to have him as your life partner.

Take care of your appearance:

Many relationships lacks intimacy because of their physical appearance, couples tends to feel shame about their size and figure, which lead to a lack of intimacy.

Best way to have good sex is to devote 60 minutes for your fitness, you will be able to experience better sex life and a higher degree of confidence with your skin. 

Improve your sex life:

In the era of internet technology you have got a lot of resources to improve yourself a life, you can either learn to give some good massage or learn to have better sex.

We all know that the sex at our grandparents time was all about making babies, but the current generation is more inclined towards making the connection and enjoying sex, there are many sex and relation experts available online who are giving free advice to help you achieve better sex life.