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facebook holiday

Why taking a break from Facebook might be the best thing for you

Have you ever considered how taking a break from Facebook can be good for you? There are so many people on this social network who are obsessed with it. Seems like the only thing they can do the moment they wake up is log on to the site. Some use it to stalk their friends and exes. But do you think maybe its time you took a breather? Check this out…

Why you should take a Facebook holiday

Reduces stress levels

There was a study done where people were asked to take a 5-day break from Facebook. Guess what happened? After the break, cortisol levels — the stress hormone – were much lower than when they were constantly logging on to the site.

It lessens pressure

Imagine the pressure one feels when going through other people’s profiles and seeing how great their lives are. You start comparing yourself to your former high school friends. Before you know it, you start beating yourself up. Is it really worth it? If it makes you put pressure on yourself you should consider taking a break from Facebook.

You will be more focused

Social media has a way of taking some little time away from your day. You upload a picture of you having fun on the weekend then find yourself sniffing around the site trying to check who liked and who connects. This eats away time that you could be focused on work or school. Give it a break.

Taking a break from Facebook to reconnect with your loved ones

One thing we know is that our phones have turned us into zombies. People leave work or school and instead of talking to their family members, they turn to their phones and right onto social media sites. A break is well needed. Talk to your family and find out how they are doing or how their day was for once.

Re-engage in other activities

It might be a great idea to focus on other activities. Go dancing, hiking… Call your friends and hang out with them without the distractions of your phones.

online dating profile examples to attract men

Examples Of Ways To Shape Your Online Dating Profile That Will Attract Men

Online dating is definitely the easiest way to find a dating partner but it’s important to understand the importance of creating a perfect profile. There has been a rise in the competition to get the perfect partner and many women are trying to do anything to get the perfect partner, in order to cope-up with the rising competition you are definitely required to think about the best possible ways to attract best men from your dating profile, lets discuss the best online dating profile examples to attract men.

How to prepare an Attractive dating profile

Your display picture

Your display picture is the first things that the person is going to see, you should put much emphasis on the picture selection. There are some golden rules that need to be taken care of while selecting the picture of your dating profile.

  • Have at least 3-4 pictures for your dating profile, single picture aren’t enough to get an idea about how you look like.
  • The group photo is okay but you should be in the main focus of those pictures.
  • One close-up photo and one full body picture should always be included to give a better idea of your looks.
  • It’s preferable to put some pictures of you while performing some action sports or indulge in your hobby.

Writing an attractive Bio is essential

Creating an attractive bio is the second step to score more matches, many women tend to leave that section which makes them more vulnerable to rejection. You need to understand that most of the men like to know a few basic things about you before they start a conversation with you.

Tips to write an attractive bio:  Bio should contain some details about your core nature and the expectations you will be having from your probable partners. Specifying your expectations will help you judge whether he will be able to satisfy your requirements.

Restrain yourself from negativity and arrogance

If you are seriously thinking about finding a good and sensible life partner then you should definitely restrain yourself from any type of negativity and arrogance. Good guys are very much concerned about the character of his girlfriend and if he sees a lot of negativity in your biography or initial chats then he will definitely going to back off.

Check your grammar

It’s not a big issue if you don’t have good grammar, you can ask your friend for a help but using bad grammar constantly is a big turnoff.


I have confidence

How I Learned That Attractiveness Gets You No Where If You Don’t Have Confidence

Why only attractiveness gets you nowhere

  • Attractiveness is just an Add-on that can help you achieve success fast, but that doesn’t make it the key factor in achieving it.
  • Because attractiveness can land you get the chance to date the perfect guy but it won’t always prove to be helpful in maintaining a long lasting relationship
  • Because attractiveness can help you get a job, but it won’t help you improve your work performance.
  • Because attractiveness won’t make you a better family person.

Importance of confidence 

Confidence is one of the most important pillars for achieving success in life; it helps you in different ways to achieve success in life.

You don’t give a F**k

Men are naturally attracted towards the women who don’t give a fu*k, most of the men take it as a challenge and make them pursue you.

The day you stop giving your attention to negative talks, you achieve success. Confidence makes you self-assured about your capabilities and gives you the stamina to stay disciplined towards your goal.

Most of the people are stuck in life because they care about every opinion, only being confident can help you break that barrier to pursue your dreams.

I have confidence

Know how to deal with any situation

Confidence helps you manage your mood in any situation and it has proven to be a big turn on, we are not living in an age where only men were responsible for the protection of the family. Today, men are searching for women who can deal with any situation and support him in all the phases of life.

You get independent

Developing confidence makes you a better partner because you are not dependent on someone anymore. We see those viral videos of Gold digger women who pursue men with money, and we all usually hate those kinds of women. But nothing is sexier than a woman who is capable of making money for herself. A financially independent woman earns respect and hence attracts more men.

You are not afraid

Confidence give you immense power to stop worrying about the unnecessary things and focus on happier life. Women with confidence are not afraid of making mistakes and they are never embarrassed for their body type, this makes them a beautiful human being. 

Strong body language

Sometime all you need is a perfect body language; your body language is something people will notice unconsciously. Your body language determine your character and it is very crucial to get success in every part of life, whether its relationship, job or parenting, your body language is going to define your influence over others.

I have confidence

Perfect marriage material

Confident women are perfect marriage material, because of the confidence they possess they are eligible to support their partner in every situation, she proves herself an a great mother and she performs well at the office as well.

Finding confident women is a true blessing for every men, your beauty is going to fade away with time but your confidence is going to be there forever. 

Tips On How To Write An Online Dating Profile That Will Stand Out

Online dating is the best way to find your perfect date, writing a presentable dating profile is the best way to improve your chances of attracting more people.

Let’s discuss a few best tips on how to write a profile to improve your chances of getting more write swaps.

Profile pics

I have seen many people putting a photo of any celeb and then they complain about not getting many matches, the best practice is to put 5-7 pictures that describe you perfectly. Posting pictures from different angle won’t work either, it’s always advised to post your picture doing different activities.


Many people consider them not required but writing a good bio is an integral part of the good profile. Your bio describes your nature, it describes your profession, and it describes your attitude towards life.

Few things that are important to put in your bio is your hobbies and your basic preferences, it provides another idea about your nature and expectation. Please stay away from Arrogance and waffling, these are the biggest turn off for anyone.


A good smile is your biggest weapon against men, he just can’t ignore a smiling woman. Smile denotes happy women with a positive outlook towards life. 

Use correct grammar

Using bad grammar is the biggest turn off for many people; if you are bad at grammar then it is absolutely advised to proofread the content by someone who is good at writing. 

Stay honest

Being dishonest can surely lead you to your dream date but it will never lead you to a sustainable relationship. Being honest on your profile is the best way to find true love, you can lie about your social status but it will only lead to heartbreak, let someone love for the real you.

One of the biggest benefits of staying honest is its healthy effects on your pocket, you won’t be required to spend money on faking anything.

how to write a profile

Upload some action shots

Action shots are the best thing you can put on your profile, it displays your interest in fun activities. Shooting yourself while skiing or surfing or anything thing amazing will improve your chances of getting matches upto 30 percent. My reason is choosing people with action shots is the proof of their perfect figure, if a person it indulged in any action sport, it’s a proven way of his/her inclination towards fitness.

Photo with pets

Having a photo with pets doesn’t just make you look adorable but will also describe yours as a kind and lovable person. Many people have pets and they love to date someone who is not allergic to animals.

Have fun

Studies have proven that women who specified “Fun” in their bios attracted more men, most of the men are always attracted towards fun loving women.


self assurance

Self Assurance Is The First Step Towards A More Attractive You

Some call it self-assurance and some call it self-confidence, but what makes it the stepping stone to achieve success?

To develop a true character and achieve success it’s very important to develop self-assurance.

Why developing self-assurance is the time-proven way to achieve success in your life?

You will be able to handle any situation

One of the biggest benefits of developing self-assurance is, it improves your ability to have a positive outlook in life and it makes you more eligible to handle any adverse situation very easily. Your self-trust saves you from any panicking and saves you from taking the wrong decision. 

Strong body language

Strong body language is something that people notice unconsciously, that’s how you predict the leader. Self-assurance gives you the ability to stand tall and confident hence keep you maintain superior body language everywhere.

Attract more people

Self assured people are always found to develop leadership quality because of their superior body language and their ability to perform best in the critical situation.

People who need support and people who are not capable of doing things on the individual basis always search for people with higher self-confidence. 

Get promoted fast

You hate that guy in your office who is getting promoted at the faster pace or performing better than you d you wonder what he do differently than you. Confidence is the biggest factor behind the higher degree of performance.

he is getting promoted because he act confidently and he never hesitates to make the first move.

self assurance

Get the hottest lady

Many guys think girls love guys with money, but studies claimed that ladies are more attracted towards confident men, a man who has enough confidence to approach her, a man who is enough strong to take care of her. When you feel assured about your ability and your skills your lady tends to feel safe with you and make her fall in love with you again and again.

You will never give up

Self-assurance leads to develop a higher level of willingness to complete the given tasks and never give up, when you are confident about your skills you don’t give up on things.

Special military personals like ‘Seals’ are trained to develop higher self-esteem and they believe in their skills, which make them indisputable.

How to develop the confidence to feel self-assurance

Dressing: dressing makes you look good and feel confident, if you are pursuing to develop some confidence then you better start with good dressing.

Stay in shape: staying in good shape improve your body posture and make you more comfortable with your own body. Additionally, you will develop a discipline in life.

Take a stand: taking a stand for others gives you a sense of responsibility and confidence. 


How to make the most of your blind date

couple enjoying a first date in a cafe

Blind dates can be a nerve-racking experience. In today’s world of internet dating and tinder, it is often rare to date someone without knowing at least a small amount of info about them and having access to photos that show you exactly what they look like. However, blind dates can still happen and when they do it is no less nerve-racking than it used to be. Here are a few blind date tips to make sure your experience goes as well as possible.

Skip a formal dinner

Going to a fancy dinner can put undue pressure on both parties. Try to avoid this scenario by suggesting a date be held at a less formal venue such as a café or pizzeria.

Be yourself but don’t reveal too much

While you should not create a fake persona, a blind first date is not the place to reveal all your secrets and fears. You should display the best version of yourself, one that will make you desirable and attractive to the other party but not one that will reveal too much. That kind of stuff can wait until your second date.

Bring a gift

One great way to break the ice and gain a bit of trust while putting your partner at ease is to bring a small gift. Something like a small soft toy, or a bunch of flowers, or a book is a great way to ease the nerves and gives you a conversation starter.

Don’t stress out over gaps in conversation

It is a natural reaction to try and fill a gap in conversation as soon as it occurs. Often doing so will not add anything of substance to the conversation. It is perfectly fine to have a few gaps in conversation. This is a blind date with a stranger, both parties understand you’ll not be talking constantly for the entire time. Don’t embarrass yourself by rushing to fill the silence with something silly.