sex appeal women

How to boost your sex appeal to attract women.

Sex appeal is one of the biggest assets a man can have, it is one of the major factors that impact women in a positive way.

What exactly is sex appeal? Sex appeal is a quality of being attractive in a sexual way.

Every man has a friend who is damn comfortable and never gets friend zoned with women, let’s discuss the tips that can help in improving your sex appeal.

#1 Dressing sense

The way you dress has a deep impact on how women see you. Sex appeal is not about physical attributes but it’s about how elegantly you carry yourself and how presentable you are. Here are some tips to dress well.

  • Get everything adjusted, yes, your body size and shape changes all the time, it’s important to maintain an inventory of well-fitted clothes.
  • Spend more money on fewer clothes, high-quality clothes last longer and will make you look way better.
  • Gym shoes are for the gym, not date or office. Maintains a different pair of formal and office wear shoes.
  • Always have a habit of wearing nice perfume.

#2 Workout 5 time a week

Apart from good dressing, another thing that she is going to notice about you is your body structure.

She is not expecting you to have a 6 or 8 pack abs, but she is expecting you to have a decent shaped body. Getting attracted to the beautiful body is hardwired in our brain and it’s important to condition your body on regular basis.

sex appeal women

#3 Grooming

We have already talked about dressing sense, but self-grooming is equally important.

If you love the beard, learn to keep them in shape. Visit your barber in every 15 days of time and learn how to use hair wax and gel properly.

It’s a modern world and she will be expecting a little bit of grooming from you.

#4 Body language

This is one of the most common things that most of the men forget about.

Start working on confident body language, if you are not sure how to maintain strong body language then its advisable to join some workshops or seek an expert advice.

Body language plays a psychological role in her brain and she will see you as an attractive adult. Here are some tips to improve your body language:

  • Practice smiling, it displays confidence.
  • Pay attention to posture, maintain erect spine with widened shoulder position.
  • Use power poses.
  • Use of engaged body language.
  • Have a firm handshake.
  • Dress for confidence, wear the best clothes that make you feel confident and attractive.