Tips On How To Write An Online Dating Profile That Will Stand Out

Online dating is the best way to find your perfect date, writing a presentable dating profile is the best way to improve your chances of attracting more people.

Let’s discuss a few best tips on how to write a profile to improve your chances of getting more write swaps.

Profile pics

I have seen many people putting a photo of any celeb and then they complain about not getting many matches, the best practice is to put 5-7 pictures that describe you perfectly. Posting pictures from different angle won’t work either, it’s always advised to post your picture doing different activities.


Many people consider them not required but writing a good bio is an integral part of the good profile. Your bio describes your nature, it describes your profession, and it describes your attitude towards life.

Few things that are important to put in your bio is your hobbies and your basic preferences, it provides another idea about your nature and expectation. Please stay away from Arrogance and waffling, these are the biggest turn off for anyone.


A good smile is your biggest weapon against men, he just can’t ignore a smiling woman. Smile denotes happy women with a positive outlook towards life. 

Use correct grammar

Using bad grammar is the biggest turn off for many people; if you are bad at grammar then it is absolutely advised to proofread the content by someone who is good at writing. 

Stay honest

Being dishonest can surely lead you to your dream date but it will never lead you to a sustainable relationship. Being honest on your profile is the best way to find true love, you can lie about your social status but it will only lead to heartbreak, let someone love for the real you.

One of the biggest benefits of staying honest is its healthy effects on your pocket, you won’t be required to spend money on faking anything.

how to write a profile

Upload some action shots

Action shots are the best thing you can put on your profile, it displays your interest in fun activities. Shooting yourself while skiing or surfing or anything thing amazing will improve your chances of getting matches upto 30 percent. My reason is choosing people with action shots is the proof of their perfect figure, if a person it indulged in any action sport, it’s a proven way of his/her inclination towards fitness.

Photo with pets

Having a photo with pets doesn’t just make you look adorable but will also describe yours as a kind and lovable person. Many people have pets and they love to date someone who is not allergic to animals.

Have fun

Studies have proven that women who specified “Fun” in their bios attracted more men, most of the men are always attracted towards fun loving women.