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It’s true! Women still dig confident men

For years there has always been an appeal for confident men. We might argue that in previous centuries, it was mainly because the men were expected to go out there and fend for their families. And for most cultures, most of the time, it was hunting. So confident in a man meant that he could also be brave enough to face those animals in the woods.

So the women automatically found themselves being attracted to confident macho men.

Fast forward to today Are women still attracted to self-assured men? Definitely yes. One might wonder why this is the case considering they men don’t have to hunt and women are also taking up the roles that men did then. Here are the reasons…

Why women STILL find men with confidence attractive

Confident men ooze sex appeal

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Men who are self-assured will walk right up to a woman and will throw a pickup line that a woman won’t resist. Why? Because when a man approaches a woman with confidence he normally comes off as appealing. They are irresistible. Even a taken woman will entertain you even with a smile before letting you know that she has a dude.

Women don’t like to guess

A man who has confidence will not approach you then leave you filling the blanks. And women don’t like showing their love to a man only to find out later that he didn’t like you in the first place. This is where such men shine. If he likes you, he will tell it like that. So a woman won’t be left wondering.

They appear to have their sh*t together

Confident men usually seem like they have everything sorted in their lives. Career, emotions… you name it. And women love men who have their lives in check. It makes them feel more secure in relationships.

They are fun to hang out with.

couple at a partySuch men usually know where the party at and great places to have fun. These men do their homework. Plus they are great conversationalists, are intelligent and have a great sense of humor. Women usually fall for this combo.