what makes women sexy

What makes women sexy in the eyes of American men

Sexiness is not just confined to the beauty of someone, it’s more subjective in nature. Sexiness involves not just the external beauty but many other traits like confidence, dressing sense, body language, etc.   

What makes women sexy for American men is a vast subject but there are some common traits that are found to be more attractive to men.

Body language

Body lauguage has a big impact on someone’s mind, no matter whether you are in your best body shape if you can carry yourself with confidence you will keep on attracting more guys.

Start paying more attention to the way you walk, your handshakes, posture you sit, etc. superior body language will make you more attractive.   

Being positive

Your outlook towards different things plays an active role in your attractiveness. We all have that colleague at the office who is always negative, do they look good to you? No, I am sure about it.

Having a negative mindset make you look worst while having a positive outlook towards everything will fill you with joy and will help you look better.


Rightful confidence is one of the sexiest quality a woman can possess, every man want their women to be confident like a queen.  

Personal management

Are you good at personal management? If not, then you should start developing some skills. Men are not looking for ordinary women, most of them are looking for the Wonder Women who are capable of managing the work and home.

No matter how much we talk about gender equality, most of the men are unable to handle everything and that’s the reason they seek women who can team-up with them.  


Men are naturally attracted towards passionate women, most of the American men are not looking for a housewife material, instead, they strongly feel attracted towards women with a passion.


Being honest is a key to success, and men find it incredibly sexy. Honesty is getting uncommon in the world and that’s the reason men are getting attracted towards kind and honest women. He won’t love a woman if he can’t trust her.