facebook holiday

Why taking a break from Facebook might be the best thing for you

Have you ever considered how taking a break from Facebook can be good for you? There are so many people on this social network who are obsessed with it. Seems like the only thing they can do the moment they wake up is log on to the site. Some use it to stalk their friends and exes. But do you think maybe its time you took a breather? Check this out…

Why you should take a Facebook holiday

Reduces stress levels

There was a study done where people were asked to take a 5-day break from Facebook. Guess what happened? After the break, cortisol levels — the stress hormone – were much lower than when they were constantly logging on to the site.

It lessens pressure

Imagine the pressure one feels when going through other people’s profiles and seeing how great their lives are. You start comparing yourself to your former high school friends. Before you know it, you start beating yourself up. Is it really worth it? If it makes you put pressure on yourself you should consider taking a break from Facebook.

You will be more focused

Social media has a way of taking some little time away from your day. You upload a picture of you having fun on the weekend then find yourself sniffing around the site trying to check who liked and who connects. This eats away time that you could be focused on work or school. Give it a break.

Taking a break from Facebook to reconnect with your loved ones

One thing we know is that our phones have turned us into zombies. People leave work or school and instead of talking to their family members, they turn to their phones and right onto social media sites. A break is well needed. Talk to your family and find out how they are doing or how their day was for once.

Re-engage in other activities

It might be a great idea to focus on other activities. Go dancing, hiking… Call your friends and hang out with them without the distractions of your phones.